Webinar on 5G Project Conclusions and Lessons Learned

Other 08 Mar 2022

Project Conclusions and Lessons Learned

The EU-funded 5G-VIRTUOSA project is drawing to an exciting conclusion at the end of February 2022, with the completion of the final phase 3. This final phase builds upon the foundation of development and testing done in the first two phases, and adds multi-location 5G connectivity to the distributed live production system.

Hosted by by Nevion’s Chief Technologist Andy Rayner and featuring Nevion’s Michael Firth, Logic Media’s Jens Gnad, Haci Cengiz and from Sony Europe’s Peter Sykes, Rui Nunes, all from the organisations involved in supporting the project. The webinar provides an overview of the entire 5G-VIRTUOSA project, and focus on the performance and evaluation from the final phase of testing, with a special emphasis on the lessons learnt for using 5G technology in live production.